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Helicopters Cambodia specialises in Aerial Filming & Photography services throughout Cambodia.

Our helicopters provide an ideal aerial filming/ photography platform for both amateur and professional photographers. This can be done in the normal aircraft configuration with doors closed or with the option of having doors on either side open creating an unobstructed view outside.

We have available an approved harness with adjustable length safety tether for use by the cameraman for filming when the helicopter doors are open.

External Camera Equipment

For High Definition Filming our helicopters can also be fitted with external camera equipment such as Cineflex or Camera Pod. We regularly carry out filming support for international television networks including BBC and Discovery Channel.

Apsara Authority Permission

The Angkor Conservation Park is a World Heritage Area and Apsara Authority is the controlling organization governing flights around this unique area. Any professional photography or filming of the Temples must be prior approved by Apsara and they will issue a Photography Permit. Application for a Photography Permit can be made to either of the Apsara offices below:

Apsara Authority 
Phnom Penh
# 187, Pasteur St, Chatomuk
Daun Penh
Tel: +855 (0)23 720 315 / 721 150
Fax: +855 (0)23 990 185
Apsara Authority
Siem Reap
Angkor Conservation Compound
Tel: +855 (0)63 760 080
Fax: +855 (0)63 760 080
[email protected]

Hourly Rate

Rate with doors closed: $1700 USD + SPT 10% + VAT 10% + NAV $60
Rate with doors open: $1750 USD + SPT 10% + VAT 10% + NAV $60

Contact us today to discuss your aerial filming or photography requirements.


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